Eskimo Callboy - Bury Me In Vegas - CD (2012) - Redfield Records
Eskimo Callboy - Bury Me In Vegas - CD (2012) - Redfield Records

Eskimo Callboy - Bury Me In Vegas - CD (2012)

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Despite of all developments, when writing the new songs Eskimo Callboy oriented themselves towards the sound on their EP. But as time went by, their compositions were becoming increasingly sophisticated, so that on the new longplayer just a sort of bridging remains. The best example for this development is the first single „Is Anyone Up“, in which the band self confidently combines brutal metal-riffs with poppy electro-elements and anthemic refrains. Whether songs like “Bury Me In Vegas“, “Wonderbra Boulevard“ or “The Kerosene Dance“, Eskimo Callboy make clear that they are cutting-edge with their modern metal-sound. "The album is harder and at the same time it has become more pop, though it remains connected to the previous style, so that we can say that we have remained faithful to ourselves."

Signing with Redfield Records belongs to the "professional things". "The label saw our shows. Then, we talked and they seemed to be assured by what they had seen and heard." But also the band's organization became more professional, the structure of today is a team that "feels like a small family". They have become best friends, while the band is growing more and more, no longer being a simple hobby. "We spend so much time together; therefore, the sense of community has also tremendously grown."

This is why their lyrics are often about true, collectively experienced stories. "Behind every song lies a true story, which is improved with lots of imagination. However, no one should take the lyrics too seriously, because they involve a lot of sarcasm. They are about parties, sex, booze experiences and interpersonal relationships."

Track List:
1. Bury Me In Vegas
2. The Kerosene Dance
3. Internude
4. Is Anyone Up
5. Wonderbra Boulevard
6. Legendary Sleeping Assault
7. Light The Skyline
8. 5$ Bitchcore
9. Transilvanian Cunthunger feat. Mika Lahti (One Morning Left)
10. Muffin Purper-Gurk
11. Snow Covered Polaroids