JOIN THE CULT: HIPPIE TRIM Announce Their Debut Album ✌️🌻☮️

HIPPIE TRIM are most definitely one of the craziest but also most loveable and infecting bands we’ve ever signed! After they kickstarted their career from zero with a sold-out debut show in June and tattooed more people with their logo on a single day than others in their entire career, the guys went on tour with DRUG CHURCH and recorded a single with their singer Patrick Kindlon
So, after what one could call a perfect start, we’re absolutely stoked to announce HIPPIE TRIMS debut album ‘Cult’ which will be out on November 29. Pre-orders are up and running in our shop and aside from coloured vinyl and a CD version there is a special 'Member of the Cult' bundle (scroll down!) including all music formats, a hip bag (of course, people no longer wear these around their hips), an exclusive shirt and every bundle comes with a individually designed artwork made by the band or befriended artists – you might want to be quick on that one. FUN FACT: If you pre-order the album in our shop, you will get a download of the whole album right away! Why do that pretentious “we let you wait for an album for two months, while it’s ready lying on the table” kind of shit? 
Aside from the album, HIPPIE TRIM also released a new song named ‘Join the Cult’ today, which is honestly my favourite track of the album. least today. It happens to change on a daily basis. But give it a listen and make up your own mind! 
Essentially, what I’m trying to say: If you haven’t done it yet, for some obscure reason, put this band on your radar and JOIN THE CULT! 
Peace & Love, 



The special ‘Member of the Cult’ bundle (limited to 40) includes:

  • The album on vinyl (pink marbled or black), CD and an instant download of the entire album
  • An individually designed artwork by the band or a befriended artist (Yes, that’s right, you get an artwork that’s just for you and no one else – that’s how much HIPPIE TRIM love you!)
  • A hip bag with embroidered band logo
  • An exclusive T-shirt
  • Stickers, a postcard and your personal Cult membership card