REVAIRA Announce Debut 'In Between' and Release Single 'Recovery'

After over a year of hard work REVAIRA are furiously back with their first long-player ‘In Between’. As the first precursor the modern metalcore band from Hamburg, Germany releases the track ‘Recovery’ and makes it unmistakeably clear that the first two singles successes ‘Revive’ (2016) and ‘Crescent’ (2017) were no lucky strikes and the praise in advance, that REVAIRA got throughout the Net, was not exaggerated or arbitrary. Aljoscha Sieg from the Pitchback Studios (i.a. ESKIMO CALLBOY, NASTY, ANY GIVEN DAY), who accompanied the production process of from the beginning to the end, euphorically approves: “I’ve never had the chance to mix such an amazing banger. For me this is the album of the year!” 

In late summer 2016 REVAIRA’s first sign of life, the self-released single ‘Revive’, is especially a hit on Spotify with almost a quarter million plays today. But REVAIRA do not only attract the attention of new followers, also the connoisseurs of the industry start having an eye on them. When the band submits ‘Revive’ for a contest by Pitchback Studios and Redfield Records (first price is the full production of a single and the digital release), they’re not only the superior winners. The label is so excited about this new discovery that it offers the band a long-term partnership. The studio as well likes to assist on further productions.

After the second single ‘Crescent’, that has also marked the beginning of the cooperation with Pitchback Studios and Redfield Records, REVAIRA take a step back, except only a few live shows, to put their ambitioned and perfectionist idea into action without compromise. For a group of young musicians that have a clear vision this turns out to be an exhausting time: “The combination of private and work related events on the one side and all the duties and responsibilities of an album production on the other side, the time when the album was made has possibly been the most stressful period of our lives to date.” Corresponding to these strains ‘In Between’ is engaged with the extremes, although for REVAIRA extremes are just the framework what happens in between: “The album is about the highs and lows, experiences and feelings in life. The topic is reflected by the lyrical, graphical and musical elements of the album. The first and the last track of the album (‘Anima’ and ‘Smother’) represent the extremes from the lyrical point of view. The rest of the songs are concentrated on what happens in between.” With the creation of their debut album REVAIRA have grown in multiple ways and they are ready for great successes as well as any other extreme. 

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