PHIILOSOPHER Releases New EP 'Young Rose'

We're stoked to announce the release of PHIILOSOPHER's sophomore EP 'Young Rose' which is available TODAY! Along with the five-track collection the artist has also dropped a video for 'Make a Wish' featuring the synthwave rapper LWOOD and proves once more that genre barriers are not for him. 

Despite the EP format 'Young Rose' is offering quite a range: "’Step Back’ and ‘U’ feat. DRAVE are reflecting the musical idea of PHIILOSOPHER quite perfectly: clear trap beats connect with rough shouts – this is the aesthetic centre. From there, ‘Microscope X’ is experimenting with an aggressively infecting, ‘I Had Hope’ with an emotionally heart-breaking and ‘Make a Wish’ with a beautifully captivating direction”, PHIILOSOPHER is summarising the different facets of the new material.

And there are guests as well on ‘Young Rose’: ‘U’ is featuring the brand-new trap artist DRAVE, who’s roots also can be found in the metal scene. ‘Make a Wish’ is featuring the synthwave rapper LWOOD, which is, if you look at it from the musical side, not fitting at all. “But I’m looking for atmospheres, common ideas and a certain message that needs to be expressed – and these things are never bound to a single genre”, PHIILOSOPHER underlines. 

With ‘Young Rose’ PHIILOSOPHER is stressing his demand not only to release music that can start parties anytime anywhere but also to offer an impressive foundation regarding the content: 

“The EP title refers to René Magritte’s ‘The Treachery of Images’ and reflects on the aesthetic-epistemological problem in 2019: ‘Young Rose’ stands in clear contrast with the old withered rose on the EP cover. 

Out of this one question emerges: Is it a young or an old rose? What is the dominating factor here, the picture or writing? But this is only secondary. First of all, it’s a parable. It criticizes so many artists and bands that are claiming to create something ‘new’, ‘young’, ‘fresh’ while this is obviously not the case. Everyone wants to sound like X, look like X, have an image like X. Create something on your own, ‘Have the courage to use your own creativity!’ I would like to shout the words of Kant in so many artists’ faces. The main topics that my EP are about: self-fulfilment and self-efficacy.”