Happy Holidays from Redfield Records


Dear Fellows,

after another moving year, we would like to wish you peaceful and relaxing holidays as well as a healthy and successful 2023.

Even though it doesn’t seem easy sometimes, we always try to look into the future with a positive and curious mindset and we are over the moon being able to call such friendly and motivating fans and followers our own. You are a part of them, so: THANK YOU!

After 21 years of Redfield Records, it still amazes us that we can live our dream and discover exciting artists next to fantastic new music on a daily basis. We’ll never take this for granted and we would also like to give you credit for that!

As a company it’s important for us to continuously take responsibility, especially in difficult times.

Like every year, we will donate a part of our revenues for a good cause, pass on unnecessary Christmas gifts and hope we can make you smile with this sincere salute.

Happy holidays, 

Team Redfield