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While the temperatures are only slowly climbing up the scale, Redfield Records is dropping its annual summer compilation and all of a sudden, the air waves are on fire! The label is presenting precursors of the upcoming albums by MARATHONMANN and ALEX MOFA GANG along with the new signings PHIILOSOPHER and HIPPIE TRIM as well as, of course, the full force of the entire Redfield Family!


Like every year, the compilation is available on your favourite streaming station but you can also download it for free on our homepage and take it everywhere you go this summer. Take a look at the setlist:

  1. MARATHONMANN – Nie Genug
    New album ‘Die Angst sitzt neben dir‘ out July 19
  2. ALEX MOFA GANG – Kleine Schwester Größenwahn
    New album ‘Ende offen’ out June 21
  3. HIPPIE TRIM – Supersonic
    Debut single out now – more to come in 2019
  4. PHIILOSOPHER – Step Back
    New single out now – more to come in 2019
  5. FOR I AM KING – In Memory
    New album ‘I’ out now
  6. MONASHEE – White Wings
    Exclusive compilation release – more to come in 2019
  7. THE DISASTER AREA – The Serpent
    New album ‘Alpha // Omega’ out now
  8. REVAIRA – Anima
    New album ‘In Between’ out now
    New single out now on Redfield Digital
  10. A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS – Darkest Hour
    The farewell single by the hardcore heroes
  11. OF COLOURS – Reminisce
    New album ‘Entelechy’ out now
  12. THE PARIAH – Surged feat. Brendan Murphy of Counterparts
    New album ‘No Truth’ out now
  13. LIVING WITH LIONS – Second Narrows
    New album ‘Island’ out now
  14. DREIMILLIONEN – Aus Glas und Wein
    New album ‘Aus Glas und Wein’ out now
  15. NEW DEADLINE – This Generation
    New album ‘To Hope’ out now
  16. NATIONS AFIRE – Dead to Rights
    New EP ‘Violence’ out now
  17. ALL FOR NOTHING - Remain Defiant
    New album ‘Minds Awake, Hearts Alive’ out now
  18. KIDS INSANE – Not A Slave
    New album ‘Cluster’ out now
  19. AS WE GO – City 
    New split EP with TEAM STEREO out now
  20. UP NORTH – Amnesty
    New album ‘Pointless Perfection’ out now on Redfield Digital
  21. TEAM STEREO – Not Loving You 
    New split EP with AS WE GO out now


Turn this compilation to eleven and enjoy summer, the outdoor season as well as meeting our artists on festivals like Wacken, Rock am Ring, Southside & Hurricane, Deichbrand, Vainstream and many more!