ELWOOD STRAY Release New Single with Kassim of ALAZKA

“I didn’t lose you, you lost me.”

After a short break ELWOOD STRAY are back with their strongest track to date and present Kassim Auale of ALAZKA as their guest. The young band from Essen, Germany that first appeared in the beginning of 2017 with their EP ‘Burn The Bridge’ (Redfield Records), is now impressively proving that their first release was a foretaste at most, ‘You Lost.’ on the other hand is giving a first glimpse on what you can expect from ELWOOD STRAY in the future. 

For ELWOOD STRAY the single has meaning on different levels, frontman Maik Nehrkorn is explaining the background: “’You Lost.’ is about letting go and changing your mind. It describes the thought process of a protagonist, who has the feeling of having lost another person through a break-up. In the process the protagonist realizes that it wasn’t his fault all the way – the other person lost him. The video is showing exactly this process. The box that at first was carried up the hill with a lot of effort ends up in flames in the end. The weight that had been carried, has turned into salvation.” At the same time the new song also closes an open chapter for ELWOOD STRAY: “We had been working on this song, since the very beginnings of the band. It was one of our first songs and we tried perfecting it since then. Our goal was to express the two sides of the story musically”, Maik explains.

As a guest in ‘You Lost.’ you can hear Kassim Auale, who is one of the two voices of ALAZKA. Concerning Maik the cooperation seemed quite logical and it all came together easily: “We are all fans of what ALAZKA are doing. Kassim has an unbelievable voice and with that he was able to create the emotions in the song that we were looking for. So we just asked him right away and he was absolutely enthusiastic about the song.” 

When asked what the single release means for the future of ELWOOD STRAY, the singer like to keep it a bit more mysterious: “With ‘You Lost.’ we’re back and present a more variable sound that still has the certain Elwood-taste. Our focus at the moment is to round up more new music. We’re totally stoked to show everyone what we did in the past months. ‘You Lost.’ is the first part of it.”